First Months of a Stratasys F900

February 2021
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Stratasys F900 King of Every FDM Machine

Medal Technologies made a huge investment a few months back and we have been beyond happy with it. Our choice to purchase a Stratasys F900 has enabled us to print some of the best FDM parts we have ever seen. 

Time We’ve Had It: 5 months
Location: Findlay, OH
Print Cost: Variable
Materials: Nylon12-CF, Ultem9085, Polycarbonate, ABS-M30, ASA

Our experience thus far has been nothing but great. Although we’ve had a couple hiccups on the machine (some of them our fault), we have had the best support by Stratasys and we cannot say enough good things about the product. If you have ever been around a hobby level or even low end industrial printer, then you will be shocked to the quality and performance of a Stratasys machine.

  • Learning Curve 70% 70%
  • Print Time 80% 80%
  • Print Quality 100% 100%
  • Reliability 90% 90%

“This is the best printer we have ever seen. Not only does it have the best part quality but it’s a reliable and simple to use printer. It has saved us time, money, and so many headaches” – Kevin

Stratasys F900 Video

Although a great machine, it’s not the easiest to get the best video from. We hope you enjoy this clip.


1. Initial Experience

First and foremost, the Stratasys team has been great on all fronts. Their sales team was always responsive and willing to work with us on anything we need (Thanks Matt and George). The machine was delivered in a very timely fashion and a Stratasys technician was there within days to get it setup for us. He even took the first couple days to teach us how to use the machine.

2. Learning Curve

Our experience before this machine was solely with lower-end printers so we knew there would be a bit of learning to get on top of things. There are three parts of learning that stick out to us.

  1. Machine Hardware: Actually running the machine is simple. There is a sacrificial build sheet that is vacuumed down to the build platen. There is an extruder head and tips like other printers but because of the printers size and complexity there is a bit of protocol to maintenance everything. No worries though, it’s not too difficult.
  2. Machine Software: This would have to be our biggest “beef” with this machine. Although Stratasys’ intention was to use as little language as possible to simplify the interface and transition between languages, the icons are not always representative of what you may think they are and it can take a bit to remember each figure.
  3. Slicing Software: If you’ve used other printers and their slicing softwares then you’re in for a treat. The GrabCAD software used to slice prints for the F900 is simpler, easier to use, and a great interface. Because of it’s simplicity, there are some functionalities that lack, but not to fret, you can always use their Insight Slicing software to dive deep (really deep) into print profiles.

3. Print Time, Quality, & Reliability


As far as a FDM machines go, the Stratasys F900 is king of all machines. Its size is one of the largest on market and its quality and reliability are as perfect as you could imagine. 

This printer is a fast machine and slice time is actually accurate. This enables us to coordinate the machine’s schedule and build as many parts as we can. Ultimately saving machine time and is saving company money.

The quality, if you haven’t caught on yet, is very good. We had a sample print made for us with a lot of deep undercuts and curves but it was such a good print that we couldn’t tell which side was support! This is due to the soluble support used for many of the materials that can be cleanly taken off in an ultrasonic cleaning tank. 

Reliability. Reliability. Reliability. The Stratasys F900 has given us so much confidence in not only the part finish but the part time and success. Trust us, we know the frustration of being 2 days into a 3 day print job with something going wrong. The F900 will not have those issues so we can assure our customers good parts in a timely manner. The Stratasys F900 is truly the best machine we could have asked for.