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Additive manufacturing is a great way to optimize your production process in a factory, reduce errors on an assembly line, create the perfect prototype iteration for a new product and even produce low volume custom parts that cannot be made otherwise. We can help design and develop the perfect print for your situation.


Development Machines

Each project has its own unique requirements and it starts with the right tool for the job. Our growing fleet of machines enables us to offer that perfect tool.

Design & Engineering

Medal Technologies CAD Design Capabilities

CAD design is the first step to creating the best product or fixture you can. Our Solidworks software allows us to bring every project to a digital reality.

Jigs & Fixtures

Our background is in injection mold production so we see first-hand how beneficial additive manufacturing can be with jigs and fixtures.

Custom 3D Printing

A custom print is a perfect way for industrial companies to save money, optimize production, and invent products. Medal Technologies helps create any jig, fixture, part, prototype or product you may need.


Read more about Medal Technologies and the processes we undergo to create and develop products. 

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