Medal Technologies

Our Services & Capabilities

CAD Design for Products, Jigs & Fixtures

From adjusting models to engineering parts from scratch, Medal Technologies utilizies industry standard CAD systems like Solidworks to develop manufacturable designs.

We have designed cool fixtures, End of Arm Tooling, Mass-Scale products with hundreds of components, vacuum-form molds, prototypes and so much more. We love to engineer new and innovative components and help our customer’s realize what the capabilities of manufacturing are. 

3D Printing with Industry Leading Machines

We have a wide variety of printers ranging in size and capabilities, including the Industry-Leading Stratasys F900. This production worthy machine can print 36″ by 24″ by 24″ parts with incredible precision. We have material capabilities such as the standard ASA, Nylon Carbon Fiber, and Certified Aerospace Grade material Ultem9085.

Our varoious other machines are our work horses getting fast and precise parts. If you have a print ready to load or we design your model for you, we can help you make the best decisions to get you the right part. 

Injection Mold Manufacturing for Low Volume & High Volume

The principal advantage of injection molding is the ability to scale production. Our facilities enable a full-cycle development for injection molding parts including running production. From a 30 ton to a 1200 ton machine, we have the capabilities of producing the perfect injection molded part. 

We have years of experience processing out molds and making sure that the product has precise quality. We even have our own mold tool-maker in house that can help with maintance and adjustments without ever leaving the building. 


Industry-Leading Engineering

We are not only a full-service solution-based company but are a part of the manufacturing industry with our own products and network of production resources. It can be a challenge but with the help of the team of experts from Medal Technologies, we can navigate through, bringing your company maximum profits.

We Are Fully Committed to the Full Cycle of Your Product.

From the first, “I have an idea…” to updating and optimizing the manufacturing process, Medal Technologies can help every step of the way.