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Why Are We The Best?

Medal Technologies is the best one-stop solution for product development. They have a team of experts with advanced technology and software tools that will take your idea from concept to launch. Medal Technologies work tirelessly to ensure your product is designed efficiently and tailored to meet your specifications. Trust Medal Technologies for all your product development needs from concept design to a finished product.

Why Choose Medal Technologies

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What we can do

From consulting to implementation, we offer a range of efficient and effective services tailored to your unique requirements. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions that prioritize client satisfaction.
Leverage our expertise and bring your innovative ideas to life. Whether it's a large-scale project, repair work, or prototype service, we have the capabilities to deliver exceptional results.

Pushing the Limits of Innovation with the Stratasys F900 - Taking Your 3D Printing to the Next Level.

What to Expect

At our company, providing top-notch customer service is our priority and we take great pride in ensuring that our clients have a positive experience with us.
Our dedication to excellence is mirrored in the high-quality products that we offer to our customers. Our team is composed of experts who possess a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields, and they utilize this experience to deliver innovative solutions to our clients on time, every time.

3D rendering - finite element analysis of a metallic assembly

Who we Are

Medal Technologies specializes in high-quality plastics component production, using manufacturing processes like injection molding and additive manufacturing. They provide engineering services, such as material selection and design assistance, to ensure cost-effective, efficient solutions for their clients. With a focus on innovative solutions, Medal Technologies remains at the forefront of the plastic components industry.

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